Week of May 21-25

Spelling Words-Lesson 28 Vocabulary
my 7. dry 1. head
try 8. pie 2. second
sky 9. cried 3. ball
fly 10. night 4. heard
by 11. light 5. cried
across 12. should 6. large

Coming Up:
Wednesday, May 23–Variety Show, 12:30 in Notre Dame gym
Friday, May 25–Sixth grade graduation
Monday, May 28–Memorial Day, NO SCHOOL
Wednesday, May 30–Kindergarten graduation
Thursday, May 31–11:15 Dismissal, NO LUNCH OR KEEPERS
Friday, June 1–11:15 Dismissal, NO LUNCH OR KEEPERS

This Week’s Work
Story: The Kite from Days with Frog and Toad
English: Adjectives
Phonics: long i spelled igh, y, ie and word endings ed, ing, er, est, es
Math: Addition and Subtraction Facts to 18 and Telling Time
Religion: Chapter 19, The Church Helps the World (Test Wednesday)
Social Studies: Places in the World

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