Pre-K 3 Year Old

WEEK OF: September 25-29

Highlights of This Week: HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA- September 30 We had lots of fun this week we practiced recognizing our colors and made our own Color Books. We will finish up our apple theme this week and will continue to practice our apple songs. ** Please send ONE (1) FRESH leaf of ANY kind in with your child.  We […]


NOTE: We ask that you please do not drop off your PRE3 child prior to 7:20. Thank You for your cooperation and understanding! We will continue with our Apple Theme. The students enjoyed making hand puppets and creating their own puppet show with their friends. We also continue to sing our “apple” songs that were […]


We are working daily on creating a loving, peaceful, fun and positive classroom.  We continue to work everyday on making good choices.  These are the good choices that each day we ask the students to remember! 1. I will use my listening ears at all times and listen to my teachers. 2. I will keep […]

WEEK OF: September 4- September 8

We will start this week with an APPLE Theme. Please send an apple (ANY VARIETY) to school with your child. Continue practicing the “Sign of the Cross.” at home with your child. We will be begin to focus on an Apple Theme.  Your child will be learning how to sort the apples that they bring in, by size & color, as well as charting […]

WEEK OF: August 28-September 1

Welcome to Mrs. Martino’s & Miss. Denah’s PreK-3 Class. It was a great first week.  We will continue to focus on our classroom rules.  We will start practicing the “Sign of the Cross.” A paper will be sent home so you can also review and practice with them.  We will be continue to focus on our Ocean Theme for the remainder of […]

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