Week of January 22-26

January 22-26
Thank you for getting the snow day work completed and turned in again. It is important to keep the children’s skills up with the sporadic nature of snow days. We are sending home packets 5 and 6 to replace the two completed. PLEASE ALSO CHECK GOOGLE CLASSROOM FOR ADDITIONAL WORK ASSIGNED. Login at classroom.google.com (your child’s password and username is on a sticker on the inside, front cover of his/her planner) and don’t forget to click on MARK AS DONE for the work to show as completed.
Tests are scheduled tentatively. If the children need more time to understand a concept or snow days interrupt plans, test days will be changed. We are going to try last week’s story and words this week.
Spelling Words Vocabulary
time 7. or 1. bird
like 8. fly 2. eyes
kite 9. both These are not spelling
bike 10. long words, but your child should
white 11. walk be able to read and use
drive 12. those these in a sentence.
Coming Up:
Friday, January 26–8am Mass–Formal Dress
Sunday, January 28–Kickoff to Catholic Schools Week
Soup Dinner
Activities planned throughout the week, more info to
come next week
Tuesday, January 30–Bring a Parent to Lunch 10:45-12

Next Week’s Work
Story: Animal Groups
English: the verb be
Phonics: long i sound with silent e, silent letters kn, wr, gn, mb
Math: Money and counting collections of coins Please practice at home.
Religion: Jesus Teaches Us About Forgiveness, test will be Wed., Jan. 24
Social Studies: Martin Luther King, Jr and Family Celebrations and Traditions

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