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2020-2021 SUPPLY LIST


 First Grade Supply List

 Supply  List for First Grade 2020- 2021

 3 Standard size pencil bags  (labeled with name)

12  Pack of #2 Pencils (Dixon Ticonderoga are preferred)

Glue sticks (2 packs-one for art and one for class)

1-Bottle of white glue

2- 24 Pack Crayola Crayons (One for Aug.-Dec.  and one for Jan.-June)

1 Pack Crayola colored pencils

1 Water color paint set

Scissors (Fiskar)

1- Mead Primary Picture  Composition Journal, Grades K-2 (Top 1/2 blank- Bottom 1/2 for writing)

2 boxes of washable markers- primary or bold colors (one for Aug.-Dec. one for Jan.-June)

9 X 12 Whiteboard with a package of dry erase markers

1 sock

Baby wipes (3 packages each)

Clorox wipes (3 containers each)

2 pack paper towels

2 pack tissues

Ziploc Bags ( 1 box gallon and 1 box of , sandwich sized)

Small Pack of Play Doh

White/drawing construction paper

** Please use a reusable tote to bring in supplies (We will use the totes throughout the year)


Playground Toy (ex: Hula Hoops, balls, jump ropes)

Board Games (ex:  Feast Day! The Liturgical Year Board Game,  Scrabble Jr., Checkers, Memory, Battleship)

Craft items (ex: glitter, googly eyes, pom- poms,  Q-tips, color tussue papaer  )

Card Stock

Ear phone headsets – we are in need of three sets.

Clear contact paper

White paper plates

Electric pencil sharpener- 2 would be nice as they get a lot of use.

Computer speakers

3 M Hooks with tape

Clear packing tape

Color copy paper

White/drawing construction paper

Different size foam sponge paint brushes.

6 Scoop chairs from Big Lots or Amazon.

.**Students will receive a Blue Folder and Assignment Book, the 1st Day of school. They will use this throughout the whole year.


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