SMS will begin tech days on 3/16/20 in response to school closures. Please check email for updates.

2nd Grade Weekly Newsletter & Spelling List

2nd Grade Newsletter  March 16th  – March 20th


Monday 3/16 through Friday 3/20 : Tech Day Work will be posted daily by 7:15AM on Google Classroom.  

Note : 2nd Grade daily assignments will be due by the end of the given day.

Upcoming :  Wednesday 3/18 = End of 3rd 9-weeks grading period 

Accelerated Reader –

A.R. Bookfinder –


Spelling List Words:

  1. root
  2. crew
  3. spoon
  4. few
  5. bloom
  6. grew
  7. room
  8. you
  9. stew
  10. boost
  11. scoop
  12. flew
  13. zoo
  14. noon
  15. shampoo
  16. balloon
  17. capital

 Review Week

Spelling :  review list words (Test Friday)

Reading :  review vocabulary ; story comprehension (Test Friday)

English : review commas, apostrophes, nouns, & verbs (Quiz Friday)

Religion   Lent ; sorrow in prayer ; examples of loving service

Math :   fractions ; review Topic 12 (Test Friday)

Social Studies :  features of a chart ; States & Capitals Test #1 (Test Wednesday) ;  Review Chapter 4

Writing : Upper Case  G,S,L,P,R, & B



Tuesday 3/17 – St. Patrick’s Day – Students may wear green on this day.

Wednesday 3/18 – End of 3rd 9 weeks grading period

Friday 3/20 – 11:00AM  dismissal 


Looking Ahead : 

Friday, May 29 –  11:15am dismissal


*Tech Day / Snow Day Packet (Manila Envelope) and it’s contents (finished work, not-yet-used work) should remain in your child’s backpack when it is not being worked-on. We will add to it as time progresses. Thank you!*

*** Wake up to a Tech Day / Snow Day? Check for Daily Assignments on Google Classroom.  We have reviewed with 2nd Grade Students the process of logging-in to Google Classroom, and they are aware that both digital and paper assignments are expected to be returned on time.***


Update : During 3rd 9-weeks, student work without a name will result in 5 points deducted from that grade. A sentence not beginning with a capital letter results in 2 point deducted. A sentence sans an end mark results in 2 points deducted.

➡ If a child reads, they succeed. It’s that simple!

We suggest at least 30 minutes of quiet, attentive reading per day.

The 2nd graders can keep improving with Accelerated Reading. You might find that books you have in your home collection qualify for AR points. Check their status and point value here :

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