Traffic Light Classroom Rules

St. Mary’s Pre-K 4 Families,

This year in Pre-K 4, we will be implementing a traffic light behavior system. On the first day of school, we will go over the rules of the classroom and even watch a fun video with a song to help the kids learn the rules.

Classroom Rules:

  1. Listening to the teacher/ Raising our hand to speak
  2. Being kind to others
  3. Keeping hands and feet to ourselves so that we play safely
  4. Helping to keep our classroom clean

Each of the children will have their own colorful clothespin with their name on it. At the start of every day, each child starts with his or her clothespin on green. When their name is on green, it means they are making good choices and being kind to their classmates.

The yellow light means the student needs to take a moment to think about the choices they’ve made and work on making better choices. If they begin to make better choices throughout the day, they will be moved back to green. If the student continues to make bad choices, they will be moved to red. They will be given many opportunities and loving encouragement before being moved to red.

If a student goes to red, this means they need to stop what they are doing because they are not making good choices. The student will sit in a spot in our classroom that we call our “Thinking Spot” which will give the child an opportunity to take a break and think about their choices. We will encourage them on how to make better choices throughout the day and school year. If their behavior improves, they will have the opportunity to move back into yellow or even green!

If the behavior that got them into red continues, I will reach out to you so we can discuss how to work together to make a positive change.

If a child hits, bites, pushes, or is physical with another student for any reason, that is an immediate red light and we will let you know by sending a note home.

If a child stays in green all day, they will have a stamp or sticker on their hand to show off their positive behavior and good choices!

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you ever have any questions or concerns. We appreciate your support!

Ms. Sarah and Ms. Ranee