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A Note About Preschool Report Cards/Assessment

A Note About Preschool Report Cards/Assessment
Your child will receive a report card/assessment overview of how your child is doing in Preschool. We feel so blessed to have your child in our class. They are progressing and doing so well. They will receive a letter mark each 9 weeks to show you how they are progressing in our class. We do not take number grades and use the average in preschool, we use the method of assessment to determine how each individual child is doing.
The purpose of assessment in early childhood is to determine students’ strengths and set goals for instruction. Assessments in early childhood supports the ability to provide individualized and “just right” activities for students across areas of development that research has shown are important for later academic learning and life-long success. You will only see the letter “O” (outstanding) for your child in Music, because Mrs. Palmer uses the same grading scale that is in place for students in K-6th grade. We don’t not give any “O’s” in assessing the preschool students.
If your child has a “P” they are exactly where they need to be and are progressing as they should be in Preschool. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me. “Report Cards/Assessments” will be emailed to you! The letter system is as follows: S- Satisfactory, P-Progressing, NI- Needs Improvement
In Christ, Denah D’Annunzio & Joyce Shaffer

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