Notes of Interest:

Religion Lesson of the Week: This week we are beginning to explore the Book of Exodus and the life of Moses.

Winter Uniform Rules begin on Monday, November 1: Guidelines were sent home on Thursday, October 28, 2021. A few reminders…all shirts are to be tucked inside pants at all times and if the pants have belt loops, there needs to be a belt on the child.

All Saints Day:  Saint Dolls are due back on or before Nov.1.  Your child must present a brief oral talk about their saint….name, country from, why he/she became a saint, famous story about the saint.

Service project for Monday, Nov 1:  We will be sending Halloween candy overseas to our soldiers through Wilson- Martino Dental.  Please explain this to your child(ren) and help him/her/them decide if they would like to do a ‘good deed’ and donate some of the collected candy to this cause.   Just bag the candy and send it to school on Monday.  Thank you.

Mass with the Bishop is on Tuesday, Nov 2:  All students are to wear Formal Uniforms.  No families are permitted.

Science Fair:  Students in grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 were required to do either a Science Fair project or a Social Studies Fair project.  The Social Studies is over so if your child did not do Social Studies then he/she will need to do a Science Fair project.  Forms are on Mrs. Morris’s Google Classroom page.  Set up is Sunday, Nov 7 from 6:00-7:00 pm.  The judging will take place on Monday, Nov 8.

Substitute Teachers:  If you have a teaching degree and are interested in substitute teaching, we would love to have you.  The rate of pay is $100 per day.  Please contact the office if you are interested for an application.  The link below is to a site that offers Substitute Teaching certification in WV to anyone with a BS/ BA degree.  If you are interested in substitute teaching and have a college degree, this may be a great option to become certified to teach!

Click on:  All Programs Tab and locate Substitute Teacher Training.

HandS Meeting:  Next meeting is scheduled for Nov 10 at 6:00.

Volunteer Packets:  Please check with Ashley Vernon, office manager, if you have questions.

Bridgeport Bus Students:  The following dates are days that Harrison County Schools will not be in operation therefore, we will not have bus service to Bridgeport: Dec 2, Jan 21, Feb 21, March 18, and April 1.

Halloween Parties:  Thank you to all for the amazing parties for our students.  This is a time for our students to bond and enjoy each other’s company beyond school work.  Thank you for activities that allowed classmates to play and laugh and develop lifelong friendships and memories.

Upcoming Dates and Events:

Nov 1:  Saint Dolls are due on or before this date.

Nov 2:  Mass with Bishop Brennan – formal uniforms required

Nov 7:  Sunday evening set up for Science Fair from 6-7 pm

Nov 7-14:  Vocations Awareness Week

Nov 8:  Science Fair for grades 3, 4, 5, and 6

Nov 11:  No School – Veteran’s Day

Nov 19:  Thanksgiving Mass

Nov 22 and 23:  Tech Days for students

Nov 24 – 28:   Thanksgiving Break

Nov 29:  Return to school

Special Recognitions:

 Congratulations to the following students for winning the coloring contest for Red Ribbon Week:

PK3 – Harper Kirby

PK4 – Hank Maddix

Kindergarten: Zelie Nardelli

1st – Emma Vernon

2nd – Alex Williams

3rd – Alex Alvarez

4th – Juliana Arnold

5th – Grazia Pishner

6th – Nicholas Yates

Congratulations to St. Mary’s Student Council for winning a $1000 grant for service projects.  Our first service project will be completed during the month of November.  Each class will be hand crocheting blankets to donate to Hospice patients.

If your child has a great accomplishment that you are proud of and would like me to announce, please send me the information via email to

We are proud of our students (and staff) and want to shout out the great things they are doing!!!!