UPDATED Supply List 2019-2020

St Mary’s Kindergarten Class Supply List 2019-2020

1 backpack big enough to fit folder and lunchbox inside comfortably

1 zipper pouch pencil case

2 -8 pack primary color CRAYOLA crayons

2 -8 pack primary color WASHABLE markers

4 glue sticks (Elmers disappearing Purple)    

1 pair of scissors

1 MEAD Primary Composition Journal, Grades K-2 (Top ½ blank for drawing, bottom ½ for writing)

12 pack #2 Dixon Tri Grip Ticonderoga pencils

1 pack of Black EXPO dry erase markers with eraser

2 packs of baby wipes

2 pack Lysol/Clorox wipes

2 rolls of paper towels

2 boxes of tissues

Box of Ziplock baggies (A-M gallon sized N-Z sandwich size)

**Please label all supplies, and bring them in during open house. Friday, August 23rd 8-9am.**


1 pack baby wipes

1 container Lysol wipes


****REST TIME****

Students will have rest time after lunch for the beginning half of the year.

We are asking that you provide a small blanket/towel with a small pillow for your child.

Amazon has some great sleep mats that include a blanket and pillow and are easily rolled up for storage. (search: kid nap mat with removable pillow)


We thank you for your generosity, and look forward to seeing you all at our open house!



Playground toys (balls, jump ropes, bubbles, etc.)

Games (checkers, memory)

White/Drawing construction paper

Assorted colored construction paper

Craft items (pipe cleaners, googly eyes, pom poms, etc.)

Clear contact paper

Electric pencil sharpener with adjustable settings for larger pencils (we need 2 of these as they get a lot of use.)

White paper plates

Colored EXPO dry erase markers (Students love to create on the whiteboards)

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