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Mrs. Lehasky’s Arts Attack!

Arts Attack for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade is going great!  I hope the children are coming home with fun stories from class!  Last week, we focused on painting techniques and created sunflowers using forks!  Those paintings will be coming home next week.  We’ll continue our theme of making art with unusual objects next week with apple printing.  If possible, please send 1 or 2 apples (any color, any size) to school with your child for art class.  The students’ homework for art class each week is to pay attention to God’s artwork.  They’ve learned that God is the greatest artist of all and that his artwork surrounds us everyday.  Every Tuesday, the children share what they observed with the class.  It may be a butterfly, a sunrise, a rainbow or even a leaf.  Please encourage your child to notice all of God’s artwork around them.  It is amazing to hear the little things they notice.

Thank you!

-Mrs. Lehasky

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