We had a great first week learning and getting to know each other! The children are doing so wonderful wearing their masks and using sanitizer. We did a fun science experiment the first week with water, dish soap, and pepper (“germs”) which showed the importance of washing our hands and how the “germs” went away when they touched them with soap!

9/18 – If your child does not have the same schedule and snack/lunch preference each week, please communicate next week’s schedule and preferences by Friday, 9/18.

This Week’s Focus

Word of the week: Creator

Religion lesson of the week: Jesus welcomes everyone

Our letter of the week is M!

We will be sounding out the letter M, working on writing it and studying objects that begin with it.

We will be doing a fun science experiment that involves milk!

We will be taking a virtual reality field trip to Mount Rushmore where the children will learn about it and see it up close!

Learning about the upcoming autumn season

Fun songs and dances for brain breaks