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School supervision will begin at 7:20 am. All drivers of students need to navigate down the alley (behind the school, Coach Joe Marra Way) so that teachers can assist in removing students from vehicles. Upon arrival, all students will report to the auditorium. The classroom teacher or teaching assistant will supervise the students as they arrive at school.

The regular school day ends at 2:25 pm. At pick-up time, all vehicles must park in the school parking lot (behind the building, between Main Street and Coach Joe Marra Way) and walk to the crosswalk to pick up children. St. Mary’s Grade School does offer an after school/extended day program for preschool to 6th grade. Students who are not picked up by 2:30pm will report to “Keepers” and parents will be billed for services

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Dress Code

St. Mary’s Grade School requires students to be uniformly dressed. Such uniformity facilitates the achievement of many of our value-oriented objectives. They should take pride in themselves and in the way they think, feel, and act. Our dress code is designed to support this objective.  

*All shirt tails must be tucked in at all times. Please be sure that shirt tails and shorts are of proper length. 

*Socks or tights must be worn inside all shoes and must be able to be seen over the top of the shoe. 

*All pants/shorts must be loose fitting and belted around the waist if pants have belt loops. 

*NO knit pants/shorts permitted  

*“No Uniform Passes” and “No Uniform Birthdays” are not permitted on Holy Days of Obligation, Mass Days, or Special Program days. 


  • White/Light Blue/ Gray polo shirts with collar- long or short sleeve
  • White Oxford Style Shirt- long or short sleeve
  • Dark Navy dress pants- pleated or flat front style
    1. No knits, cargo pockets, or corduroy permitted 
  • Dark Gray/Navy Sweaters or School fleeces  


  • Dark Navy or School Plaid Jumpers/Skorts/Skirts 
    1. Must be no more than two inches above the knee 
    2. Plaid must be purchased through Land’s End 
    3. Hunter Classic Navy Plaid ONLY 
  • Navy/Black/Brown Shoes 
    1. No sandals, lights, heels, clogs, or hiking boots 
  • Navy or White Socks/Tights 
    1. Land’s End Classic Navy sweater 
    2. Land’s End Classic Navy sweater vest 


  • All students must own a dress uniform.  
  • The Formal uniform follows all above standards and codes. 
  • The Formal uniform may be worn at any time. 
  • Formal uniforms will be worn to church, on Mass days, and any other occasion where “dress up” is announced. 


  • Plaid skirt/ skort/ jumper 
  • White cotton blouse- short or long sleeve 
  • Dress shoes 
  • Optional- tie, sweater, sweater vest 


  • Navy dress pants 
  • White cotton dress shirt- long or short sleeve 
  • Plaid tie 
  • Optional- sweater, sweater vest 


  • White/Blue/Gray polo shirt with collar 
  • Navy shorts- Knee length 
  • If there are belt loops, belt must be worn 
  • Loose fitting 
  • Any color tennis or sport shoe 
  • Closed toed 
  • No slippers 
  • No light ups on shoes