Friday, December 17, 2021


Dear Families of St. Mary’s School:

This has truly been a season of joy and celebration for our students. I can’t thank you enough for the support and love you have shown for our children and our school. I know this has been a season of change and differences, but in the end, what truly matters is the children in our care. It is my prayer that these children have taken one step closer to finding the joy of giving to others.  We have crocheted blankets for seriously ill people, made ornaments for hospital patients, shared our personalities and acting skills with our families, donated toys to hospitalized children, and learned about the joy of the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. These are all gifts of the soul that I hope our children will nurture year after year. Have a joyous and relaxing holiday break. May you keep the true meaning of Christmas at the heart of your family.

Blessings, Ms. Lorie



Notes of Interest:


Religion Lesson of the Week:  Advent.


HandS St. Mary’s T-Shirt Sale:  HandS has designed a t-shirt to sell as a fundraiser.  These shirts can be worn with the standard uniform.


Preschool on Delay Days:  On a 2 Hour Delay Day, PK 3 and 4 will still have 1 hour of school.   Extended Care will be available.   On a 3 Hour Delay Day, PK will be cancelled.  Extended Care will be available and students may be dropped off at 10:20 am.


Lessons and Carols:  Lessons and Carols will be held on Dec 22 at 1:00 pm.  All families and alumni are invited to come and observe.  Students must sit with their classes because they will be participating in the event as a class.


Ugly Christmas Sweater Day:  Dec 20 for the students and staff.


Christmas PJ Day:  Dec 21for the students and staff.


Uniforms:  The vote to change uniforms to align with ND was a landslide with only 3 opposing votes.   Therefore, Land’s End will have our new plaids ready for purchase next semester.   Next semester and next year will be a transition year.  When it is time for you to purchase a new size, then you can order the new plaid from Land’s End.  We will send out codes for our school when we return from Christmas Break. The standard, everyday uniform criteria will not change.  We will still use navy bottoms with white, light blue and gray polo shirts. The only things that will change are the plaid on the formal uniform skirts and ties and the navy fleece. The current royal blue fleece can still be worn until we have a full change over in one year. We are working with a local business on monogram options.  More information will be coming about that option in January also.  We did not select an embroidered emblem from Land’s End due to the cost and longer wait time. ND will honor the navy blue fleece til 9th grade.


Old Uniforms:  As you replace your uniforms, please send the old ones to school.  We will be collecting the old plaids and nice shirts and sending them to a school in Africa with the help of Sister Maria.


At this time, US Nursing Network in Bridgeport is going out of business and selling all of their uniform separates for buy one get one free.  They do carry the navy bottoms and polo shirts.  This may be a good time to stock up on the basics.


Help with Disposal of old Handrail in front of the building:   The old handrail that broke off at the beginning of school is still sitting in our alcove in the front entrance of the building.  If anyone has the capability to dispose of this, I would greatly appreciate if it disappeared one day!!! Thank you!






The original calendar has No School for February 14 for President’s Day but President’s Day is actually Feb 21.  So we are changing the day off to February 21.

In addition, the Valentine’s Party was scheduled for February 11 and is now moved to Monday, February 14 at 1:15 pm.

Also…Feb 8 will be a Tech Day for students.  This is a new addition to our calendar!!!



Upcoming Dates and Events: There are some changes!!!


Dec 20:  Ugly Christmas Sweater Day and Preschool 3 and 4 Christmas Party at 9:30

Dec 21:  Christmas PJ Day and Kindergarten – 6th grade Christmas Party @ 1:15

Dec 22:  1:00 Lessons and Carols, dismissal at regular time. Last day before break.

Jan 4:  Students return to school.

Jan 7:  End of 1st Semester.

Jan 10- Feb 11:  MAP testing for all students K-6

Jan14:  Report Cards home

Jan 17: No School MLK Day

Jan 30-Feb 4:  Catholic Schools Week

Feb 8:  Tech Day – Students work from home

Feb 14:  Valentine’s Parties 1:15

Feb 21:  No School President’s Day




Special Recognitions:


HandsS Notes:

A sincere thank you to HandS members Lauren Bealko and Meredith Alvarez for their organization of the Teacher “Thank You” Breakfast on November 15. We are grateful for our SMS teachers, who care for our children and nurture their growth of mind, body and spirit.

Also a big thank you to volunteers Irene Malfregeot, Malissa Armstrong, Leeanna Lewis, Carisa Morrison, Ashley Vernon, Ashley D’Annunzio, and Meredith Alvarez for their coordination of and service to the Holiday Open House on December 5. The event was a wonderful celebration of joy and anticipation for the Christmas season. Thank you to all families and friends of SMS who were able to attend and support this festive event.


And finally, a sincere thanks to Krista Arnold and Heidi Seamon for chairing this year’s Santa Shop. This is a fun event full of thoughtfulness and generosity as students buy gifts for their loved ones. Thank you to all families who donated gift bags! It takes a lot of elves to make this magical experience go well, so thank you also to volunteers:

Ashley D’Annunzio

Kevin and Pam Leonard

Malissa Armstrong

Rochelle Plywaczynski

Anastasia Shaffer

Casey Stanton

Marybeth Stanton

Leslie Wright

Valerie Jenkins

Shannon Cunningham

Sarah Williams

Anna Scalise

Christina Nielson

Louie and Karen Nardelli



Mrs. Ida High, Mrs. Shelby Baker, Mrs. Pat Ellis, Mr. Dave Long, Mrs. Beth Fitch, Amrs. Annie Kirkpatrick, and Mrs. Cindy Yazvac:   I can’t thank you enough for the entertaining and educational Christmas Around the World programs.  I love that we could have fun and learn cool things too!!   Thank you for your dedication to our school and children.



If your child has a great accomplishment that you are proud of and would like me to announce, please send me the information via email to


We are proud of our students (and staff and families) and want to shout out the great things they are doing!!!!