This Week’s Focus

Word of the week: Mass

Religion lesson of the week: Jesus Teaches Us

Our letter of the week is S!

We will be sounding out the letter S, working on writing it and studying objects that begin with it.

“My Senses Are Amazing” – Lesson on the five senses

Craft project for our letter of the week

Math:  Working on numbers 1 – 3

Learning to recognize the numbers and write them

Learning and talking about family

Science experiment on how clouds make rain

Every day after prayer and before PE, we have circle time. It’s our special time to connect with each other through singing and reading. We also discuss the weather, sing about the days of the week, and count the days on the calendar.

*Friendly Reminders*

If your snack/lunch/extended care/keepers preferences change week-to-week, please text or email me at the Friday before to let me know the plan for the week ahead.

Early dismissal (12:15PM) on Friday 9/25. Lunch and keepers will still be available.


Thank you for your support!

Love and God’s blessings to you!