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 Special Notice :

Mrs. O’Sullivan, our Tech Director and Computer Teacher at SMS, asks that parents/guardians please download the Nearpod & Google Classroom apps onto any device that your child may use. We will be utilizing these for Tech Days and Snow Days.  Thank you.


2nd Grade Newsletter for September 24th – September 28th


Spelling : Review Words {20 of previously given}  (Test Friday)

Reading :  Review ; Comprehension and Cold Reads (Test Monday / Tuesday) Then, A Writing Prompt

English : Review Unit 1 Concepts Identifying Sentence Types

Religion : Review Lives of Saints and Chapter 3 Test Q’s & A’s (Test Tuesday) Too, Prayers of Praise and Thanks

Math : Build Fact Fluency ; Use models and strategies to solve addition problems ; Lessons 2-3 to 2-7

Social Studies : Review Chapter 1 (Test Wednesday) ; In additionNeeds & Good Decision-Making

Writing :   Review Vv, Yy, Ww, Xx, Kk, Zz & Numbers ; Reading cursive

Science :  The Sun’s Motion ; Seasonal Changes ; Integrate Educational Technology


In other News …

Friday – September 28th :  8:00AM Mass, Dress Formal


Upcoming …

Spirit Week (October 1st-5th)



List Words (Review Week)

  1. list
  2. glad
  3. mask
  4. sandwich
  5. help
  6. spend
  7. spot
  8. lunch
  9. grape
  10. mistake
  11. prize
  12. plate
  13. joke
  14. cute
  15. doze
  16. rose
  17. drive
  18. stage
  19. place
  20. swim


If a child reads, they succeed. It’s that simple!

We suggest at least 30 minutes of quiet, attentive reading per day. 

The 2nd graders can keep improving with Accelerated Reading. You might find that books you have in your home collection qualify for AR points. Check their status and point value here : http://www.arbookfind.com/UserType.aspx



Matthew Ellis, a junior at Notre Dame High School, is partnering with St. Mary’s School to complete his Eagle Scout service project. He is collecting unwanted old American flags for proper disposal and will perform a Flag Retirement Ceremony for our students in the near future.

Please help Matthew by sending to school any unwanted old American flags for his service project. Keep in mind they will be properly disposed of in his ceremony.

Thank you for your help.

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