Weekly Newsletter & Spelling List

2nd Grade Newsletter for January 14th – 18th


Spelling : Base words with -ed and -ing endings (Test Friday)

Reading : Mr. Tannen’s Tie Trouble (Test Friday)

English :  Pronouns ; Kinds of Sentences (Test Friday)

Religion : Review Chapter 11 (Test Thursday) ; Identifying actions that demonstrate Loving Service

Math :    Measurements: inch, centimeter ; Subtraction facts ; Lesson 4 (Test Thursday) ; Coins

Social Studies : Weather ; Cause and Effect of People and Earth’s Land

Writing :  Upper Case : D . C , E , N , M , H , K , and U


In other News …

End of 2nd 9 weeks.

Friday January 18th : MASS 8AM (Formal Dress)



Special Request :

➡  2nd Grade is in need of some Recess Toys for both indoor and outdoor use. Please consider sending in your gently used or new items like the following : Basketball (Regulation or smaller) ; Lawn Darts (soft and safe) ; Hula Hoops; Skip Toy ; Rubberized Horseshoes ; Jump Ropes ; Soccer Balls ; Wiffle Ball Set ; Frisbee ; Sidewalk Chalk. Thank you !!!


➡ If a child reads, they succeed. It’s that simple!

We suggest at least 30 minutes of quiet, attentive reading per day.

The 2nd graders can keep improving with Accelerated Reading. You might find that books you have in your home collection qualify for AR points. Check their status and point value here : http://www.arbookfind.com/UserType.aspx


List Words

  1. running
  2. clapped
  3. stopped
  4. hopping
  5. batted
  6. selling
  7. pinned
  8. cutting
  9. sitting
  10. rubbed
  11. missed
  12. grabbed
  13. mixed
  14. going
  15. wrapped
  16. swelling
  17. compound


Notice (Update) : Beginning 3rd 9 weeks :

No Name on any work will result in 5 Points deducted from that grade.

– Sentences must start with a capital letter or 1 point will be deducted.

– Sentences must end with an end mark or 1 point will be deducted


* * * *


Special Notice :

 Mrs. O’Sullivan, our Tech Director and Computer Teacher at SMS, asks that parents/guardians please download the Nearpod & Google Classroom apps onto any device that your child may use. We will be utilizing these for *Tech Days and Snow Days.  Inside the Back Cover of your child’s assignment book next to a Blue Star, you will find the Username and Password associated with their Google Classroom account.




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