Welcome to Music and Enrichment at St. Mary’s Grade School!  The performing arts programs at St. Mary’s School are thriving.  It is no secret that students who participate in singing, dance and theater are FOUR TIMES more likely to succeed academically than their non-performing friends.  It is our goal to give every child the encouragement and confidence to use their God-given talents in some capacity.

Enrichment classes are taught to students in 3rd through 6th grades.  The curriculum is designed to assist students in improving communication, cognitive thinking  and creativity.  Activities include ideas such as How to Give a Successful Presentation, Life 360 (learning to do the laundry/iron, nutrition, caring for a baby, personal finance), Production of the School Spring Musical, Improvisation and numerous other fun and innovative adventures.

Music classes are offered to students in the 3 year-old Preschool classes through 6th grades.  Music classes are a combination of pedagogy, playing and performance, dance/movement, listening,  singing and even technology.  Classes explore music of varying genres, cultures and styles through instruments, peer engagement and fun!

Music and Enrichment classes use multisensory learning to bring your child success in school and in life!

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