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Welcome to the St. Mary’s School Library!

Welcome to the St. Mary’s school library!

A love of reading is the key to success in school and in life, and it is a gift that keeps on giving for a lifetime of wonderful stories.  The St. Mary’s school library program is designed to foster this love of reading, and give each of our students a firm foundation in research and aspects of using the library to enhance the education each student is getting in their classrooms.

Beginning in Kindergarten through Second grade, students will be able to check out books for 1 week.  These students will have library class each Wednesday.  Students in Third through Sixth grades will check out books for 2 weeks, and will have their classes every Tuesday.

In the 2015-2016 school year, students in Pre-K-3 and Pre-K-4 will have story time each week, but will not be checking out books.

Students in Kindergarten and First Grade will have story time each week during their library class and, additionally, will begin to work on alphabetical order, basic dictionary skills, parts of a book and the differences between fiction and non-fiction, as well as beginning to recognize different genres, authors, illustrators and parts of a story.

Students in Second through Sixth grades will build on these skills, as well as get an introduction to library organization, the Dewey Decimal system, and also will be expected to complete a research project which will include a bibliography, and will also get additional practice in dictionary skills, other reference materials, and the evaluation of source materials .  Students in the Sixth Grade will additionally be working on a larger unit on Greek mythology this year.

First and foremost, though, the library program is designed to give each student individualized attention in finding books that they will enjoy reading.  A number of studies have shown that a love of reading translates into higher test scores and better academic and professional success through college and beyond.  Reading is important, and is something that children should be doing for at least a few minutes every day: either being read to by a parent or reading to themselves as they get older.

I look forward to working with your child to find a book they will love to read!

— Mrs. Christy Smith

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