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Fourth Grade

2020-2021 Science Supply List

Science Supply List 2020-2021 All Students K-6 will need: 1 composition notebook 8 count crayons or 10 count markers 10 pencils   Items needed by grade: Kindergarten- Art sticks (Popsicle sticks) 1st Grade- Pipe cleaners (any color) 2nd Grade – Zip Lock bags (any size) 3rd Grade- 1 roll of paper towels 4th Grade – […]


4 dozen Ticonderoga pencils 2 Red Pens 1 box of crayons  1 box markers 1 box of colored pencils 1 pair scissors 3 spiral notebooks 4 boxes of tissues 2 rolls of paper towels glue sticks 1 pack of 3 1 small bottle of glue Elmers pencil top erasers 2 packs Ziploc Sandwich bags Thank […]

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