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Pre-K 3 Year Old

Week of March 29

I have assigned letters, patterns, and shape sorting, and continued number review this week. I have posted a variety of ways to have fun doing these things at home as well as I have assigned a variety of different things on Seesaw that is they want to try they can. You can try none, one, […]


EIGHT Fun Ways to Practice Writing Letters: 1. Use your finger to write in shaving cream, sand, or flour. 2. Put paint, condition, or shaving cream in a plastic bag and let the kids write letters on the bag using a q-tip, or their finger 3. Use water and a paintbrush to write letters on […]

Seesaw and the letter Ww

I am going to be “assigning” through Seesaw a few things the kids can do this week, they can use the seesaw website to complete these and IF you or your child want to share them in their journal please share. This is just information/an outline, and tools for you and your child during this […]

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