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Third Grade

2020-2021 Science Supply List

Science Supply List 2020-2021 All Students K-6 will need: 1 composition notebook 8 count crayons or 10 count markers 10 pencils   Items needed by grade: Kindergarten- Art sticks (Popsicle sticks) 1st Grade- Pipe cleaners (any color) 2nd Grade – Zip Lock bags (any size) 3rd Grade- 1 roll of paper towels 4th Grade – […]

3rd Grade Supply List 2020-21

3rd Grade Supply List 2020-21 Four dozen pencils – Ticonderoga brand preferred Eraser pencil toppers Hand-held pencil sharpener Colored pencils Crayons Markers Scissors Glue Sticks Pencil box to hold your class supplies 2 packages of loose-leaf paper (wide ruled) and a binder/folder in which to keep it.  (Please NO oversized/extra-large binders.  They won’t fit in […]

3rd Grade Summer Reading List 2020-21

Third Grade Summer Reading List 2020-21   ** Students are required to read Stellaluna and at least two other books from this list ** Be prepared to take AR tests on your summer reading.   1.  Stellaluna by Janell Cannon   (required) 2.  Nim’s Island  by Wendy Orr 3.  Any book in the “My Weird School” series 4.  […]

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